Bass John Bader marked 20 years of singing with the Tone Rangers in 2014. He wondered how this happened. Did he forget to quit? Has he been in a daze or stupor for more than two decades? These existential questions are troubling, so he takes comfort that (a) he likes to do this, and (b) that he has a great job. He has been singing a cappella since he joined in the Yale Alley Cats nearly 35 years ago, when he first started singing with Michael. The two of them also sang with the Yale Whiffenpoofs of 1985. Dr. Bader (yes, Ph.D.) happily works for the International Baccalaureate.

Baritone Michael Beresik discovered a cappella music in college as a member of Yale's Alley Cats and Whiffenpoofs, singing everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the Great Wall of China. He enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic evenings by the fire, ... oh, sorry, wrong bio. Mike spends his days as a Capitol Hill staffer, waiting for the Rangers' $3.6 billion dollar National Endowment for the Arts grant to materialize. E-mail Michael here.

In a world of specialists, Second Tenor/Baritone Kenyon Erickson finds joy in having no specific skill (or voice part). A founding Ranger, Kenyon sprang from the U of Utah and Cornell University Glee Club & Hangovers with diverse skills (engineering, music education, and hospitality administration) and a pitch pipe. Almost a teacher, he has had as much success directing the group as he did leading a choir of six year olds at church. The common thread is process improvement, Kenyon's life's work, which he currently practices at the National Cancer Institute. For fun, he runs local races and dreams of performing in Bollywood.

Second Tenor Gil Keteltas is a founding member and current business manager of the Rangers. A decorated veteran of Cornell's Glee Club and Hangovers, Gil has performed for audiences worldwide. His solo work can be heard on Rangers' classics "I Need You" and "Surrender." Although Gil is a lawyer by day, he is generally likable and works and plays well with others (a reputation he solidified in second grade). You can e-mail Gil here.

First Tenor Jamey McNamara also enjoys singing in groups with goofy names. Prior to joining the Tone Rangers, he performed with the Brown Derbies of Brown University and Take Note!, a mixed-voice a cappella group based in Washington, DC. Jamey has dedicated his professional life to "reinventing human resources" one itinerant executive at a time. When not sporting his vinyl pocket protector, Jamey watches an ungodly amount of reality TV.

First Tenor Peter Nissen is one of our new members. He completes us. He makes beautiful noises in the high register that only the Whiffenpoofs from his alma mater of Yale can emulate. Not only does he sing high, he aims high, and perhaps, he is high: a first-time entrepreneur, hes currently starting a business GPS triggered radio after years as an Emmy-winning producer of television, an exploding catastrophe of an industry from which he ran with his pants on fire.

Bass Gene Stromecki is employed by a large technology company doing large technical things. He is a graduate of Cornell University where he sang with the Glee Club and Hangovers (briefly with Kenyon). He has sung with the Master Chorale of Washington, in the Chorus of the Washington Opera, and with the Choral Arts Society of Washington. Gene enjoys hobbies such as yodel tag, craft beer snobbery, and liver exchange. Gene is a Buffalo sports fan and is very sensitive on this subject.
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